3DBio Therapeutics is a biologics and bioprinting company with a focus on regenerative medicine that precision manufactures living tissues to allow replacement of each individual patient’s parts with tissues designed and created specifically for them. 3DBio has developed unique capabilities toward the creation of living tissue implants for therapeutic applications. The technology platforms include a full suite of features to meet the FDA’s requirements for therapeutic manufacturing, including novel and proprietary: 3D-bioprinter (GMPrint™), bio-ink (ColVivo™), and cell processes. In pre-clinical studies the platform has demonstrated the ability to generate functioning living tissues.

The Strategic Project Manager will be responsible for the planning and oversight of the company’s resources to optimize and maintain focus on achieving business results. They will ensure that all project’s goals align with the company’s strategic mission and objectives and translate to individual goals within the company. They will manage the portfolio of the company’s projects at all times. These projects represent opportunities for new products and also other strategic initiatives designed to reduce operational costs, defects or waste.


  • Work with senior management to develop and manage a comprehensive portfolio of strategic projects and translate them into detailed project plans including budgets and resource components (people, space and equipment)
  • Continually update project plans (time, budget and resource) to reflect progress against plan and report to senior management.
  • Collaborate with functional managers to support seamless execution of projects
  • Analyze the project portfolio to ensure that work aligns to strategic decisions
  • Drive prioritization of work within all areas of the company by evaluating project flow and conducting review meetings to keep projects on track
  • Facilitate meetings with sponsors and stakeholders to identify project requirements and ensure they align with the company’s strategic goals.
  • Help functional managers distribute the organization’s resources effectively across multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Ensure that the company optimizes matching of personnel to work assignments – aligning resources with work objectives.
  • Facilitate the efficient use of resources across multiple projects and monitor trends to ensure that people’s individual goals are aligned with strategic and tactical goals of the company.
  • Develop the tools and techniques to be used to manage projects to ensure successful execution. Ensuring that the tools (e.g. web based dashboards) and structures (e.g. reports and meetings) provide the benefits required by the organization, to ensure data integrity, assure scheduling accuracy and maintain consistency throughout the organization
  • Work closely with team members to provide training on project expectations and plans and work directly on components of execution when needed.
  • Mentor less experienced project managers


  • Education and Experience: Bachelor’s Degree with 10 - 15 years project and program management in biotechnology industry
  • Essential – Self motivated with an ability to plan and manage time across multiple priorities
  • Proven track record balancing multiple enterprise wide projects with indirect authority
  • Demonstrated strength in project organization, business process and tools development
  • Strategic thinker with ability to link strategy, tactics and execution
  • Strong organizational, communication and critical thinking skills

To learn more about 3DBio, please visit our website: https://3dbiocorp.com/